Menorca wedding: blue sea and warm hearts

Menorca wedding.

Going to Menorca to do a wedding was like a dream. We have been in Costa Brava, Barcelona and in Ibiza, and each time we discover new places and inspiration.

We’ve fall in love with the island, the horses, the avarcas, the ensaimada…Luckily our sweetest couple had a great passion for this island and teached us all about it. With this love as an inspiration we were able to do this magnificent wedding film that was showed on the day of the wedding as surprise for everybody!

Menorca will stay forever in our hearts and this wedding video will remember the couple and the guests of the great day we spent together in this magical place.

menorca wedding

Vendors: Santos Costura | Eduard Castillo | Pastisseria Moll | Cerrutti | Rosa Maria Gimeno | Anne Neuve Eglise

We are really lucky to have been in Barcelona, Ibiza and Menorca!