Barcelona wedding: let’s go to Costa Brava

June 21st, 2014 was a very special to us. Or at least to me (Vanessa). It was my 30th birthday and I want it to be memorable. I knew it was a saturday so it was possible for us to film a wedding and tell somebody’s story. At first, we thought we should go in a plane to somewhere, right after the wedding. I wanted to celebrate my birthday and Ivo wanted to celebrate his 31st birthday (his birthday is on June 27th) together and in some place new. And then the planets and the stars and the universe were working together on something great. We were contacted by Lina and Adri to tell their story in Costa Brava on Barcelona!

 I found one of your videos and loved it. And then I started to look at ALL your videos. And the more I looked, the more I wanted to contact you to see if you could film our wedding. I don’t know if you work outside of Portugal, but it’s worth a try. 
Hope to hear from you :-) 

It was everything we could ask and more! The days on Catalunya were wonderful. We met lots of people from around the world. The wedding photographer, Roberto Ramos Hidalgo  is great and welcomed us with arms wide open. Lina, Adri and their families were really warm, told us their stories, made us feel Catalunya, the Mediterranean, the sand on our feet, the family legacy, the DIY wedding and the Sant Joan. After the wedding, it was time to feel Catalunya on one of their craziest days: the Sant Joan. We had two days (after Costa Brava and the awesome wedding) to know the heart of Barcelona. We wnet to the Ramblas, to the Boquería market, we bought flowers, saw the Sagrada Familia, Gaudí’s creativity, Park Güell, we drank sangria, ate tortilla and celebrate Sant Joan. We searched the flame of Canigó to purify us and went to the beach to see the fireworks and eat coca (tradicional pastry) and enjoy the warm night partying!

We are really lucky to have been in Barcelona, Ibiza and Menorca!